Affordable & effective

If you want to promote your brand effectively and have a company car or van, wrapping it or applying graphics to it, can transform it into a cost-effective media asset, powerful enough to help drive awareness, sales and business growth.

Wrapping a vehicle is covering it in a colour change or printed graphic, applied on 3M self adhesive film.  3M Wrapping films can be printed with any design, are easily installed and removed cleanly.

3M measured the advertising effectiveness of fleet graphics for a major soft drink manufacturer. Among the key findings:

Vehicle advertising offered the lowest cost per impression of any major, paid for, advertising medium.

Download the 3M information here

Get noticed!

An eye-catching design is the most important part of the job, it needs to be visually appealing to be effective.

Our in-house design team has the skill and experience to create something really noticeable but we also enjoy working with our client's designers, ensuring that the design will fit and work on the vehicle.

The image on the left is the Llama Van on display outside the British Sign Awards for 3M.

Material matters

When it comes to vinyl graphics, material is not created equal; there are many types and grades, each with a specific use.  Choosing the wrong one for your vehicle can result in all types of failure… popping out of recesses, shrinking, fading and cracking to name a few.  By coming to Bubble you get the assurance and peace of mind that we’re using the right stuff!

We will only use genuine 3M materials on your vehicle (unless you tell us otherwise) and will always select the right spec material for the job.  You may get a cheaper price elsewhere but better quality materials are an investment in the future of your business. We want your vehicle to look good the day you drive it away and just as good 3 years later!

Production and environment

Graphics printed on solvent machines, need at least 24 hours to "out gas" before they're laminated and applied to your vehicle, if not, they will fail.

At Bubble, we have the advantage of solvent and latex technology. Latex needs little outgassing time, brilliant for last minute or rush jobs and it’s much friendlier to the environment too with minimal solvent present.

A warm, clean, indoor environment is the best place for fitting vehicle graphics – all the good material manufacturers issue guidelines for application temperature. We have invested in an indoor, drive-in workshop, large enough for most vans and it's temperature controlled - perfect for vehicle wrapping.   

Preparation and installation

Preparing a vehicle for graphics doesn’t mean just taking it to the jet wash. All dirt and traffic film must be properly removed from the vehicle’s surface to ensure a lasting adhesive bond. Completing the required cleaning process takes almost as long as the fitting!

Installer training is the final step for perfect vehicle graphics - owning a squeegee and knowing which side of the vinyl is sticky isn’t enough!

The Bubble installation team are 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrappers, fully trained in all the approved techniques required for a high quality vehicle wrap or any other type of vehicle graphics.